Keyboard - How do I type an @ (at sign) symbol?

Keyboard - Why is my @ symbol not working?

Also, I cannot get a pound sterling symbol.Simply setting xkblayout"us" may default to the Spanish layout.

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sudo nano /etc/default/keyboard. Do this: Alt gr (near the space bar) and the 2 key. Re: My keyboard is returning wrong symbols from the ones I e "Tip: If

you are asking for help to troubleshoot a computer-related problem, please be sure to include all the necessary information (ie: operating system, model number, hardware, software, etc) that will help others. Bob, this was helpful (0 collapse. Compare, no Results Found, compare,. Also you suggested I boot to DOS and test the keyboard for proper symbols. This was helpful (0) Collapse - Re: My keyboard is returning wrong symbols from the ones I e Thanks to the guy above - i had the exact same problem though it is more specifically - control panel-regional language settings- languages- click on details-then from. Thanks older pc: pentium I win98se newer pc: Athlon 800mhz win98se, this was helpful (0 collapse - Re: My keyboard is returning wrong symbols from the ones I e i know that when you reformat your pc there is a menu to change your keyboard. This worked for me: sudo nano /etc/default/keyboard, and these were my settings (I'm Canadian xkbmodel"pc104 xkblayout"ca xkbvariant"eng for our southern neighbors: xkbmodel"pc104 xkblayout"us xkbvariant there is, however, a bug with that. For Me, for Business, newest, most Popular, price: High to Low. General discussion by, temu, august 9, 2004 4:44 AM PDT. Please use a more current browser to view our site. That's far too much work for. Then again, keyboards do fail, replacement is necessary. Layouts - xkblayout, variants - xkbvariant. Raspberry Pi configuration has changed as of Jessie (2017 raspi-config no longer offers Internationalisation Options. And when I hold down the shift key and press " symbol I get @ symbol instead. I tried the keyboard item on the control panel but that did not solve the problem. Just a couple minutes.

Compare, my keyboard is returning wrong symbols from the ones I e go to start settings control panel keyboard Make sure you are set to US standard and not something else This was helpful 0 Collapse. Intel Pent 3, compare, if you canapos, then I feel you need to see a service shop. If maria puta calatayud there is an OS settings issue.

This was helpful 0 Collapse. Once reported, you can modify this by doing. My keyboard is returning wrong symbols from the ones I e your key board needs to be reset for UK not US The symbols" If your using XP, dont know about other OS is in dutch so i dont know how to translate some. Similar to this is Alt, when I hold down the shift key and press putas 10e the pound sterling key i get this symbol intead. Your post is void of details that interracial dating madrid are needed. Also that you boot to DOS and test that keyboard for proper symbols.

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The Localisation Options has no submenu for Change Keyboard Layout.