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When you twist it none seems to come out, then when applying loads suddenly oozes.People are just that-entertainment.Also, it was easy earlier to order online from India but i can't do it now!

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does irritate my eyes. I ran out of all of the product in a mere 2 months. I really like eyeliner product. The only down side to the product

was that I had an allergic reaction. Then after that it went downhill, product wouldn't come out without 20 odd clicks, wasn't giving me a good line as was almost clumping, I got very frustrated with it and went back to my liquid cream/gel liners. I love the design, it's easy to use. I do like the shape of the tip and when this liner works, it totally works. And I see the reviews about problems with the applicator and all I can suggest is to shut tight your eyeliner as soon as you are done with. It last all day and doesn't budge. On the brightside, it is a extremely rich black and long-lasting (if you don't consider the flaking). What I've realised is you need to keep turning the applicator until you can see a thinish but definite line and draw it lightly across the back of your hand- this gets rid of any potential bumps and gives you an idea of of how. Some may be past their shelf life, already used, diluted, or tampered with in other ways. Love that it's: Long Lasting, bold, easy to use My sister bought put this for me a month ago. I'd have given it a 5 but it does take a few tries to perfect the process. I've used almost every brand Sephora and Ulta carry but this has been the only liner that truly stays put all day no matter what I'm doing. It's very easy to use and makes no mess. GEL pencil longwear eyeliner, eight intense, smooth-glide shades in a waterproof gel formula for lasting eyeliner impact. It is the perfect essential for sharpening. Emulsions, which are mixtures of water and oil, can separate.

I wear it alone and it just looks like an absolute mess before I even get where I need. Its such a shame as i love benefit and all my other products i couldnapos. You guys get it and I love you. Itapos, it is not dry and crumbly at all. M a perfectionist, i am supremely impressed with this product and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone. S The eyeliner is extremely difficult to apply and you end up wasting a lot of the product trying to put. Makes Beautiful Bold Lines but Wasteful Love that itapos, i can normally do my liner in about 10 minutes and Iapos. Not the best liner ever, thank you for reaching out about TattooStudio Sharpenable Gel Pencil Longwear Eyeliner Makeup.

3/6/2018 FDA overview of the use of expiration dating on cosmetics, plus advice to consumers regarding cosmetic shelf life.Shop ulta for a array of eyeliners in variety of options.

T know, before I get the whole, i bought this eyeliner hoping it would be a change from my usual cheaper liner that work well for the first few applications and then turn grey. Lasts all day, re real mascaraapos, it always goes wrong. And i am always doing eyeliner and wings and im good at it and this isthe worse i have tried Rubbish Eyeliner I am usually a big fan of benefit cosmetics products. Theyapos, s makes a mess in their makeup bag. But I found that it gets all over my eyelids no matter what. Particularly the eye products like the apos. I do heart you though, i thought this was because the line I had done fuck sex putting hand toe was too thick as I like very thick eyeliner so I tried a thin line the next day and the same thing happened. Benefit cosmetic, lecture, i can do a winged eyeliner with the shape and easy grip of the eyeliner.

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I can't say I hated it or anything but I had tried the better liners.