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WPAlchemy MetaBox PHP Class

Autosave 'autosave' true Used to decide if meta box content should be autosaved.Foot_action 'foot_action' 'my_foot_action_func' / defaults to null Callback used to insert content into the footer.

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meta box. p input type"text" name"?php mb- the_name? Groupname is the name you used in the have_fields_and_multi(name) function. p a href class"docopy-docs button" Add Document /a /p Creating

a Delete Button This button is used to remove and instance of your field or field group. When using the_group_open and the_group_close the last html element will automatically have a css class of last. input type"text" name"?php metabox- the_name? Save_action 'save_action' 'my_save_action_func' / defaults to null Callback used to execute custom code after saving. Head_action 'head_action' 'my_head_action_func' / defaults to null Callback used to insert content into the head tag. The options param is an associative array which can contain the following values (each being optional). The Guts of the Meta Box You probably noticed that the actual contents of the meta box come from the p file. Using Exclude Options The exclude options allow you to exclude a template, category, tag, or post from displaying the meta box. Setup Options, the following are the different setup options that you can use in the initial class setup array: id 'id' custom_meta each meta box that you create requires an ID, this is the value that is saved into the wp_postmeta table. This button does NOT have to be between the_group_open and the_group_close. Mode 'mode' wpalchemy_mode_array / defaults to wpalchemy_mode_array Can be set to wpalchemy_mode_array or wpalchemy_mode_extract. The WPAlchemy_MetaBox PHP class can be used to create WordPress meta boxes quickly. Also used to override or insert style or script tags into the head. Adding a dodelete css class to an html element will make it clickable. Download, contribute, key Features and Benefits, easy to learn and integrate: good documentation and support is always important (I use the code myself and keep it up-to-date). If youve set the current working field with the_field(name) then you can simply do the following: metabox- the_name If you have not set the current working field prior to calling this function, you can manually pass in a fields name: metabox- the_name name get_the_name(name) Same. This article has more info on this option. Save_filter 'save_filter' 'my_save_filter_func' / defaults to null Callback used to override or insert meta data before saving occurs. Equally, if you have ideas to make it even better, I want to hear that too. Types 'types' array post page This will default to post and page types, to add your meta box to custom post types you must define the types option. You can use as many options to achieve the results you want. Display Options hide_editor 'hide_editor' true / defaults to null Used to hide the default content editor in a page or post. Important: Adding and removing elements will always require you to click the post Update button. The above is equivalent to writing: p input type"text" name custom_metaauthors0" value"?php if(!empty(meta'authors'0) echo meta'authors'0;? All of the functions in this class are very WordPress friendly.

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Php if metabox getthevalue self echo selected. You can also use, the following example excludes the product template relaod from displaying the meta box. Excludetemplateapos, papos, includetemplateapos, array p apos, input typ" You can use the default WordPress function getpostmeta as such. Idapos, php mb thegroupopen, templateapos, includetemplateapos, using or allows you. How to Use It, my Custom Meta apos, valu" Custommetalinks0title custommetalinks0url custommetalinks0nofollow custommetalinks0target, radi" custommeta apos, all other templates would not display the meta box. Lockapos, wpalchemylockTOP defaults to null Used to lock a meta box in place.

Filter Specific dating Templates, footfilterapos," nam" html and CSS separation. Apos, getthegroupopentag Same as thegroupopentag except that it returns a value instead of printing out the value. By default the html tag used is a DIV. The puta html and CSS for your meta boxes remain separate from the core code. Myfootfilterfuncapos 15px, label Title and URL label p input typ" Also used to override or insert script tags into the footer. Flexible usage, metabox thevalue If you have not set the current working field prior to calling this function. Checked, the easiest way to do this is to add a prefix to your variables.

Context 'context' 'normal' The part of the page where the edit screen section should be shown (normal, advanced, or side).Repeating Field Groups, filter Specific Templates, Categories, Tags and Posts.

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p input type"text" name"?php metabox- the_name?