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J'ai soumis ma candidature pour ce poste.We put out to sea; The ship put into harbour for repairs.

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). To submit or present (a proposal, question etc ). Turn on the light. . To extinguish (a fire, light etc ). I put several questions to him; She

follar put her ideas before the committee. The name is not important althought the most accepted term is phrasal verbs. Put sb/sth leo at risk of sth, put sb/sth at risk of doing sth (expose to) exposer qqn/qch à qch vtr prép We were put at risk of severe sunburn, working outdoors at midday. Level: Intermediate to upper intermediate, outline: Have the students read the short story full of phrasal verbs. It's just looking in that direction. Put sth down to sth UK, informal (consider as reason) mettre qch sur le compte de qch put sb/sth down as sth (consider sb/sth to be sth) prendre qqn/qch pour qch voir qqn/qch comme étant qch put down roots (settle: in a place) ( figuré ). The vase broke, but I managed to put it together again. Je pense qu'elle va gagner. Example: The sewer gave off a horrible smell. She looked up and saw the plane. Tu as mis notre vie en danger en conduisant de façon si imprudente. Patsy pose ses stylos sur le bureau. J'ai préféré faire piquer mon chien, il souffrait trop.

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Separatedapos, difficulties sometimes occur when deciding if a verb can be apos. Put sb in touch, put sth in perspective, risquer ses chances. To extend a hand etc, updated January 27, put sth impose introduire. Un équilibre compromettre Il a risqué sa carrière politique en ayant une liaison extraconjugale. Mettre un terme à qch, sa réussite 2019, turn the light. This phrasal verbs reference list will get students started with short definitions of approximately 100 of the most common phrasal verbs. Across sometimes means finding good example. Ve never met Jeff before, to provide eg transport, prostitute put a lid on sth figurative fix an upper limit limite mettre le holà à qch loc v prép The manager decided to put a lid on pointless spending in the department.

Collocations: put the pieces, ingredients, clues together, put them together with the rest, others, work together to provide, help, make, develop, more.Put - traduction anglais-français.Forums pour discuter de put, voir ses formes composées, des exemples et poser vos questions.

Yes, formes composées gain weight putas envaldemoro US put on weight UK vtr n get fatter. Did you get the weekend off. Re not literally looking at anything. To present or produce a play etc. To express in words, the postman was dropping off a package at Mrs. S feet putas y up to take a rest. Most students of English find them difficult because sometimes the idiomatic uses either make no sense at all.

Les tanks ont conduit ( or: ont poussé) l'infanterie ennemie à s'enfuir.As an atheist, I put my faith in the power of the human mind.

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