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No, rename photos, yes.Perhaps they should have adjusted their naming convention (something like Lightroom CC for the main program and Lightroom Social for the new one would make more sense to me but theres a reason why both products exist.

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consumer-oriented design and feature set to make the learning curve as easy as possible, while still containing fairly advanced editing and organizational features. No, artificial intelligence keywording. The interface

on Lightroom Classic is exactly how the same as the interface in the older versions of Lightroom. So: The new Lightroom Classic: An upgrade everyone expected, with the same interface as prior versions of Lightroom, and some new features. No, yes, face recognition, yes. It is, essentially, a brand new piece of software meant for a totally different purpose. A few days ago, Adobe announced an update to continue the Lightroom line: Lightroom Classic. 5) Pricing The pricing for Lightroom Classic is exactly the same as usual 10/month with Adobes photography package, which also includes Photoshop. Im not saying that I will buy it at least for now, Im not planning to but that its an entirely separate entity from what weve seen before, and photographers are only beginning to come up with creative ways to use. Lightroom CC also has an artificial intelligence keyword search tool, which is an useful way to find a set of photos with the same subject. Photographers who do want them will prefer Lightroom Classic, instead. The two new options are called Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC, and theyre quite different from one another. You can add on an additional subscription to the new Lightroom CC, which is its own, separate thing. For example, beginners dont need the option to export photos in ProPhoto or Adobe RGB color spaces, because its likely to cause more harm than good. And thats because Lightroom CCs biggest target audience isnt advanced photographers its photographers who arent paid to take pictures, and value ease of use more than overall technical capability or features. Lightroom CC is very streamlined and doesnt offer as many advanced options. But, which one is the new version? Below, Ill outline the differences between the two. No, basic panel adjustments. Have you used Lightroom before in the past? Many photographers on Adobes subscription plan are looking forward to using the new version of Lightroom and gaining the most recent feature set. Even though Lightroom Classic has more advanced editing features, some of the good ones made their way to Lightroom CC as well. It also doesnt have a huge learning curve; it should be pretty easy for most people to figure out whats going. This is the upgrade that we all how expected a very traditional continuation of Adobes current product line. Personally, in a strange sense, I think Im more likely to get Lightroom CC in the long run than Lightroom Classic. It doesnt have many features that photographers consider valuable, or even necessary for professional work.

How to put stars in lightroo

And Lightroom Classic cant, it simply has a much wider net of features. Thats because I would never rely on a subscription catalog software for editing my main photos as Ive already covered so Lightroom Classic is completely out of the cards. It has very little to do with any product that Adobe has created in the past although it does use Adobes Camera RAW tools for postprocessing. I think that there is a clear target how to put stars in lightroo audience. The layout of Lightroom, flags and stars, in short. Lightroom CC can do that, just like Photoshop and Lightroom have done before. They fill different segments in the market with less overlap than you might expect. Yet, and its not who you might expect.

how to put stars in lightroo

Following Adobe's announcement of two new versions of Lightroom, there has been some confusion about the exact purpose of each one.The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers Martin Evening.Free shipping on qualifying offers.

How to put stars in lightroo

But the biggest target audience for Lightroom CC casual photographers neither needs nor wants most of those things. Youll getxo have to pay an additional 10month. Yes, as nice as the artificial intelligence keyword search in Lightroom CC can. If you were using Lightroom CC prior to October.

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That includes things like local adjustments, for example, which are a must-have for advanced editing.