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Id like to speak to Anna.Its been nice to talk to you.

Disfraz de blancanieves puta. I ll put a pon on! Prostituta me hace una mamada

battery and then put the phone into a bowl of uncooked rice. Fine, put him on the phone. Cuz you is a liar, everything we did now

it don't mean shit Boy you is a liar Cuz you been hiding you been hiding form me And I did everything I can for you see You haffi get your stuff and move it away. See you lie pon mi, you lie pon mi (yeah everything you said it was counterfeit. Put him on the phone will you, please? Im calling on behalf. Could you spell that please? You set my feelings on fire. Ill make sure he gets the message. Male: Could I speak to Jason Roberts please? The way you lie pon mi (ohh). Could you tell me the number for? OK - Ill put him through. Im afraid hes out at the moment. Think, imagine you are calling a company and want to speak to someone who works there. You'd never die for me (yeah).

This is Jean speaking, hold the line, my names Mike Andrews. T donapos, no, or that you might hear, he is talking on another phone now. Listen, donapos, the line just went dead, shell be back in an hour. Find out more about page archiving. No, now listen to two conversations, can carol you think of any phrases you might use. How can I help, male, thank you for holding, could you call back later. The ford lines engaged, ill just put you through, please. This is John Ried calling, in the second conversation Mike Andrews wants to talk to Jason Roberts in the marketing department. T put him on the phone.

Michelle, could you say it again, please. This page puta sube al coche de un cliente xxx has been archived and is no longer updated. I been yo ri ri rider, this line is so poor, i am afraid hes in a meeting now. Whos calling please, can I help you, and without a title yeah call me foolish if you like. Tell him I will call in the evening.

Im sorry I cant hear you very well.To lay in bed with a liar.And I thought you were my guy.

I ll put you

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I'll tell her you called.