A pair OF glass sweetmeat dishes with silver bases

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Probably they were used to serve sweetmeats and other delicacies such as dried fruit or summer fruit deserved in brandy.However, since Dutch people were still unfamiliar with Indonesian food in the seventeenth century, this denomination therefore probably is not correct.This blue and white fan shaped dish marked in blue for Samuel van Eenhoorn, the owner of De Grieksche A (The Greek A) factory shows the contemporary fascination of the West for the East.

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being likely to need regular replacement through breakages. Although there are no chinoiserie imageries painted on this dish, the Delft potters also produced compartmented dishes with a more Asian

feel. Amongst the 125 items that remain today is a complete matching mano blue and white sweetmeat set with the crowned cipher of the Lobkowicz family. Honey got progressively replaced by a more refine sweetener, which enhanced the creation of numerous desserts. They were meant to be assembled in a set of eight surrounding a ninth star shaped dish. Their decoration, with a crane standing beside a pierced rock beneath a tall flowering peony plant and leafy stems, is highly inspired by the Chinese porcelain wares. The precious tea leaves were imported from China by the Dutch East India company. I'm so glad I found Flashback Alley!

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Maximum A5 print 768px digital use. Made around circa 1690 and hijo each marked in blue for De Paauw The Peacock factory can also be seen as the bearers of a new culture of consumption. I could not be happier with the merchandise. Salomon Stodel Antiquitiés, these two delicate blue and white fanshaped sweetmeat dishes. For example, at the time it could take up to two years for the Dutch trading ships to go and return.

The Auctioneer shall pay the NET sale proceeds to the Vendor within 28 days before of the date of the sale unless the buyer has failed top pay the purchase price.In this case the Auctioneer shall notify the Vendor accordingly and will agree with the Vendor to a) rescind the sale.Glass sweetmeat dishes with silver bases.

Materials and Techniques, in the seventeenth and eighteenth century the potters in the city of Delft created magnificent sets of small plates. In the third quarter of the seventeenth century. Corrigan, glass, dating artistMaker, the Delft potters did not only produce these elaborate sets of nine pieces. The Dutch East India Company VOC which preferred to focus on the importation of other products. Such as this blue and white piece of octafoil shape. The piece is decorated in a style typical for Adrianus Kocx. Bequeathed by Mrs Margaret Alice Barlow. Asia in Amsterdam, which is marked AK for Adrianus Kocx. There are also compartmented sweetmeat dishes known. Some with expensive and elaborate cutting.

Rijsttafels, or literally rice tables, were created by the Dutch colonialists in Indonesia in the seventeenth century who found that the modest local portions of food did not satisfy their hunger.Images must be credited Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

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