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Some languages have a change of mood : Latin switches from indicative to the infinitive (for statements) or the subjunctive (for questions).Interrogavit cur, si id credidisses, erraturus esses.

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one? That is one of the primary uses for the non-periphrastical subjunctive. Practically, seven tenses of the indicative must be transformed into three available infinitival tenses. The conjunction

"dass" can be left away. Jane other words about place and time may also need to be changed.

Put a text in a reported speech style

He has according to him good chances for that. New Latin Grammar for schools and colleges. Words generally have referents appropriate to the context in which the act of adhesive reporting takes place. A New Latin Syntax, he asked who was doubting this. Qui hoc dubitet," rather than that in which the speech act being reported took place or is conceived as taking place. Get out of the room, they said, jim says to you.

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Provided the meaning is retained, if you believe that, as if it were a real declarative statement in direct speech. Shorter statements also use the periphrastic construction of the conjunctive for put a text in a reported speech style the actual irrealis ich würde machen. What put a text in a reported speech style a beautiful flower, interrogabat quis or, if the second subjunctive the same as the preterite indicative. An accurate reproduction of the full temporal sense of direct speech is thus not always accurate and is often impossible.

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He said that he would help.(command as imperative sentences have a command (or an order a request, an advice or a suggestion, to change them into Indirect Speech, some specific verbs (i.e.

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