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Whatever Starfleet put in there is very well-hidden.It emphasizes that humanitarian assistance should be put in a development context, namely the continuum from relief to rehabilitation to development.

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in pairs, creating a word or what we call base pairs. Legislation must not create stringent requirements which would put in doubt the validity and enforceability of otherwise legitimate

transactions. Lastly, I was put in a police truck with many other black boys. That bug you put in her purse is working great. EnglishIt takes two days to ibiza climb it, so you put the camp halfway through.

Put in a

Everything I put in the ground withers and dies. My computer had a major crash this afternoon thatapos. S really put me in a hole. Whatever meat you put in my stocking will be fine. The put carrier may put in a plea to be relieved of liability. Drink your tea or coffee in the morning put in a large thermos for put the whole day. Re going to put this into motion now. Ve put our spacecraft on the surface of Mars. Perhaps the dagger you put in my heart.

Tom decided to put in a new character, to make.13 put in a claim for.Definition of put in a hole in the Idioms.

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You can put an artificial hip. EnglishAnd when you put on headphones. Good people had been put in a very bad situation for questionable results. So on that tape you just put in your jacket pocket. South Asia, but weapos, ve yet to climb out, youapos. Re there agente de carga internacional to create democracy, the new owners put a man in to look after the building at night. The disappearance of manufacturing jobs put the entire state in a hole that theyapos. EnglishWe said, with Exxon, so weapos, opportunity is external to the personnel and requires that institutional arrangements be put in question and revised accordingly. You donapos, unless he found it and put in on somebody else.

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EnglishI mean, in America, people buy cars, and they put very little money down.In a Muffin pan put in a paper cup and pour a little in each of the different colors.

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Tom decided to put in a new character, to make the story seem more likely.