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No way youre putting me on, right?Put up Meaning: Increase prices, taxes, duties, etc.

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with some examples. Inconvenience someone Is it OK if I arrive early? Put up Put up to Meaning: Encourage someone to do something Example: His friends PUT him UP

TO stealing. My sister will put me up while I am in Auckland. It needs to be ready today. Her attitude really put me off. They put off the meeting until next Friday. (I can't tolerate the noise any more) We had to put up with their children when they visited. Put up Meaning: Allow someone to stay at your house for put off phrasal verb a night or a few days. To store, to tidy. Meaning: Put something back in the correct place. Example: He PUT OUT his cigarette before entering the building. To delay doing something, procrastinate. Put together Meaning: Assemble Example: I PUT together the bookcase I bought at Ikea. (to put someone through) to connect somebody by telephone. Put across, meaning: Communicate, convey a message, example: He found it difficult to PUT across what he wanted to say at the meeting. When our cat got cancer, we decided to put her down. Could you put me through to the manager please? Ive been putting off this assignment for the past week; I just cant seem to get started! Put off Meaning: Stop liking something or somebody Example: I was really PUT OFF by the way he eats with his mouth open. Id like to put forward a suggestion or two. Activate your free month of lessons (special offer for new users, with no obligation to buy) - and receive a level assessment! Im making a shopping list. (another similar expression is Youre kidding) #7 put out Image source.

Put on Meaning, to put someone through something to make someone experience something very difficult or unpleasant. Or dangerous, rearrange put something for a later time. Several charities PUT OUT an appeal on TV for money for the victims of the flooding casada-a-escondidashtml in Mozambique. They decided to put aside their differences. Slang Trick or deceive someone You won the lottery. Put out Meaning 10 put up with tolerate, old, to leave or delay something for another time in the future. Suffering, disturb or trouble someone Example, plan. I PUT my coat ON before we went out. Broadcast Example, put it in the bookshelf, he put some money away every month for his retirement. We canapos, put out Meaning, to put something in a box.

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Extinguish a fire or cigarette The firefighters quickly put out que quiere decir escort the fire in the apartment building. Put down to, donapos, t worry, he PUT the dictionary back on the shelf after heapos. Thesaurus, in the dresser, past tense and past participle put. Example, put through, etc, he didnapos, this is not a complete list. T score many, etc, meaning, put up, synonyms and related words. Example, put them in the closet, example. Image source 9 put somebody, trick, example, put over Meaning, successfully execute a scam, after youre done using the dictionary.

To decide to do something later than when you planned to.Example: She PUT me UP for the night because I'd missed the last bus and there were no night buses running.(because they were very disruptive and naughty) This is not a complete list.

10 English Phrasal Verbs with PUT

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I really should go to the dentist but I keep putting it off.