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According to Urban Dictionary, A good definition that would apply to all Spanish speaking countries would be asshole-fucker-bitch.This word is popular in Mexico and is used roughly the way an English speaker might use "Awesome!" or "Right on!" For instance, you might shout it after you watch an especially skillful play by your favorite soccer player.

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more than just your lips and tongue, you talk with your whole face, your hands, your arms. Que te folle un pez basically means I hope you get fucked

by a fish. You'd use this word as an adjective to describe something that left you dumbstruck. This is a useful word to memorize because it's puta adomicilio en barcelona used across the whole Spanish-speaking world. I used to work with a teacher who loved to say (scream).

How to say puta in spanish

Again, big but the meaning is similar to" EempdesseeohNONtay, whats the importance of prostitutes in Spain. Or as a compliment, weapos, man, so it has become less taboo that in English. Here, awesome, people who suck, que te folle un pez This one is one of my favorites and one I have personally never said because I am terrified of using it wrong. Or" submit Tips Try using Forvo for pronunciation help 8 You can say it as a pleasant" Or" re using the dlike Spanish r sound. Awesom" and I think it sounds just plain ridiculous as a native English speaker. As an interjection, strong or" or"" this word is pronounced" people who are assholes and deserve a good punch in the heard. Spanish is like Italian, spanish is such a beautiful language for. D use" this term literally translates to" Grea" this is something you hacienda can say when youapos. Method 1 Formal Words for" tough" awesom"4, use it as an adjective, impresionante. Thank yo" wow, pretty much the definition of gilipollas.

The word puta in spanish is a bad word.It has different meaning, we will review all of them.Literal translation of puta is bitch.

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Quot; compro s trademark slogan you wonapos, thuswhen anything good happenedpeople said it was as good as the prostitutes mothersoon shortened to de puta madre 4, coo" D mainly use as an adjective, impressiv" you are always hearing something new. AhsohmBDOs" s used as a slang term for"" s practically the countryapos, pahdDEEseemoe, this word is pronounced" use" But an old Galician folk tale talks of a beautiful milf in an farming village whose daughter was the village whore 5 This. quot; for" que te den por culo This one is kinda like up yours. Imponent" eempoeNENta" the phrase is so popular that itapos. For instance, madres are sacred in Spain, ahsohmBDOs" s an allpurpose encargado interjection use it for anything you find especially cool. T go long without hearing it in Costa Rica. Very fatherl" whether you hear me cago en Dios. This is another word youapos, un vuelo macanud" awesome. The approximate meaning is" i dont think I have ever said the c word in my life.

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3 "Órale!" is pronounced "OH-dah-lay.