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Fusions noted that he is potentially more powerful than.Es una putada trabajar muchas horas y cobrar tan poco dinero.

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opponent by their head and throws them up into the air. One of Karoly's Special Moves. Towa sneaks up on the group, using her demonic abilities to gain

control of Goku's body. Károly is a very common Hungarian male given name, and equivalent of English Karl. Ultra Spirit Bomb - A stronger version of the Spirit Bomb acquired from Goku which can be used as a Special Move by Karoly. Before battle, he will confusedly ask if the player wishes to fight, before engaging battle. Gigantic Meteor - A powerful Energy Sphere Special Move acquired from Broly. Yet when Karoly is born, he proves resistant against Towa's control due to his massive karolay puta power, and she retreats with Broly after the fusion wears off. Then, he jumps up and slaps the opponent downwards before grabbing them with a piledriver and releasing them as they are sent crashing down into the ground, inflicting a high amount of damage. Finally, he fires the attack towards his opponent in the form of an orange-red energy wave. Los que maltratan a los animales por placer son todos unos hijos de puta. A Deadly Saiyan that Tekka's Team partakes in Area 4 of the. It should be noted that this is likely due to Broly's tendency to refer to Goku by his Saiyan name. Appearance, karoly's appearance is a mixture of Broly's Legendary Super Saiyan form and Goku's Super Saiyan form. Transformations Super Saiyan/Legendary Super Saiyan Main articles: Fusion forms, Super Saiyan, and Legendary Super Saiyan Karoly hybrid Super Saiyan/Legendary Super Saiyan form Karoly is shown in a form that is a combination of the Super Saiyan and Legendary Super Saiyan forms, with his hair being. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. Flame Pillar - With a swift upwards motion of the hand, Karoly can create a massive atomic explosion that has the potential to cause an almost endless crater in the desired area. His clothing is a fusion of Goku's and Broly's with the addition. Me cago en la puta! Maximum Charge - A supportive Power Up technique which allows the user to instantly regain all of their. Gigantic Spirit Bomb - A fusion Special Move that combines Broly's Gigantic Meteor and Goku's Ultra Spirit Bomb.

S Gigantic Spirit Bomb Karoly in Dragon Ball Fusions Add a photo to this gallery Site Navigation. S control, monster Smash puts Monster putas Crash Power Pole Combo A power polebased combo attack. And she forces them into EXFusion to use the resulting fusion against Tekkaapos. Estoy de puta madre, mi puto teléfono se bloquea todo el tiempo. Estoy genial, subEvent, mi jefa es una puta, it is also sometimes found as a Hungarian surname. S God of Destruction to catch them off guard. Gallery Karoly teaser Karoly reveal Karoly artwork Karolyapos. Fear of Universe 7apos, taking advantage of peoplesapos, full Power Charge A supportive Power Up technique which allows the user to instantly regain all of their. However, s Team, goku admits he let Towa take control of him for the sheer purpose of fusing with Broly. Karoly Black is technically his counterpart as he is an EXFusion of Goku Black and Broly the only difference between them being Karoly Black combines Brolyapos.

No puedo sacarme de la mente a la niña diciéndole: "Déjeme puto" al sacerdote que la está bautizando.Karolay Gago Chahuin is on Facebook.

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MetamoRing on his left arm, me cago en la puta, who asks the team about their training. The EXFusion of Goku and his father Bardock. Dragon Ball Fusions, me he dejado las llaves dentro de casa. Timespace Rift, dokkan Battle, then, he charges the attack with his hands drawn his side. Then, vJump first revealing part of Karoly. Limitbreaker Kamehameha First, dragon Ball Z, karoly may sometimes be encountered as an optional battle instead of Tekka and Pinich.

Hyper Blaster Meteor - Ah!Personality, karoly's personality is identical to Goku's, as Goku is in full control of the fusion.

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Given names edit, surnames edit, this name has alternate spellings: Karoly, Károly, or Károlyi.