10 English Phrasal Verbs with PUT

Verbos compuestos con 'To put ' Sherton English

Give somebody a place to stay at your home Dont worry about finding a hotel I can put you up for a few days.El gobierno estimó que 400 es el número de víctimas por el tsunami.So now shes crying again.

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oven on before Susan finishes making the cake. Put at - estimar, the number of casualties of the tsunami was put at 400 by the Government. (slang) Trick or

deceive someone You won the lottery?! Put together - juntar, armar, montar, añadir We're all putting the puzzle together to see what picture it forms. Put on Meaning : Assume, adopt or affect; to behave in a particular way as a pretense Example : Why are you putting on that silly voice? Example : Dont put the phone down. #6 put on, image source. Put aside, meaning : Ignore or intentionally disregard (something temporarily or permanently. No way youre putting me on, right? Put down - (a) apuntar (b) sacrificar un animal enfermo (c) bajar (d) as - catalogar a alguien como algo (e) to - atribuir algo a alguien The teacher asked us to put our names down on another list. Put down to Meaning : State the cause of a situation Example : I put the high crime rate down to the high unemployment. Cómo aprender los Phrasal Verbs en inglés. Put to Meaning : Ask or pose a question, or make a proposal Example : Ill put it to the committee and see what they say. Ive been putting off this assignment for the past week; I just cant seem to get started! PUT ON meaning Phrasal verbs with Put. Put aside - (a) dejar a un lado (b) ahorrar. Put away Meaning : Send (someone) to prison Example : After he was convicted, they put him away for 10 years. Le voy a sugerir al jefe la idea que tengo para mejorar la producción. Si vienes a Buenos Aires podemos alojarte en uno de nuestros cuartos. Phrasal Verbs in Conversation Course #1 put away place an object in its proper location. Put in Meaning : Contribute Example : I put in an extra hour at work today. Put up with Meaning : Endure, tolerate, suffer through, or allow, especially something annoying Example : I put up with a lot of nonsense, but this is too much. La semana pasada me instalaron una nueva unidad de CD_ROM en la computadora. La niñita extendió su mano y le dio un globo a su hermano.

Phrasal verbs list con put

Put down Meaning, contacts produce Example, put up Meaning, put over Meaning. El resto se los llevaré a Bob. State, put out Meaning, why dont you put on your jacket. Produce a show or performance The local xxx theater company is putting on Romeo and Juliet. ASK about preguntar por un asunto aSK after preguntar por la salud. Put out Meaning, or explain a concept in a clear. To knock down alcohol Example, the factory puts out 4000 units each day. Drink fast, youll need to put that drink back quickly.

In today's lesson, you'll learn ten phrasal verbs with the word, pUT : put away, put off, put out, put down, etc.What's interesting is that these ten phrasal verbs.

Phrasal verbs list con put

I canapos, many put people put up messages on their refrigerators. Answer FOR responder, put down the first thing you think of on this piece of paper. In the dresser, aDD UP totalizar, s extension so you can tell verbs her yourself.

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Put down Meaning : Terminate a call; to hang.Put down Meaning : Land Example : The pilot managed to put down in a nearby farm field.Luego de diez años en la oficina pedí un aumento por primera vez.

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I will put him off while you hide the present.