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It is increasingly likely to replace the risk of an East-West conflict, which we have so far avoided.International conferences on the environment are a futile waste of time.

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The Colonisation of Europe, Arktos, 2016. On the contrary, it has never been in such good shape, especially in the developing countries of the South. Jean-Yves Camus, La Nouvelle

droite : bilan provisoire dune école de pensée, La Pensée, March 2005. No improvement is in sight. Believing that it will be possible to preserve retirement systems and social and medical entitlements while remaining faithful, in a period of demographic decline, to the ideal of solidarity of distribution. The good apostles, bureaucrats with MBAs from prestigious schools, are only masters of words. Believing in Miracles, we are dealing with a general prejudice inherited from the egalitarian and humanitarian utopias, like the philosophy of Progress, according to which we can have everything at the same time and that reality never has negative consequences. Pourquoi nous combattons: manifeste de la résistance européenne, LÆncre, 2001. Similarly, democracy has to be seen as an aggravating factor, for this type of regime removes any central authority that can, when it sees the storm appearing, react in an emergency. Actually pessimism would be more convincing, since it incites people to improve matters and to try to cure the disease. English translation: Understanding Islam, Arktos, 2016. Believing that large-scale alien immigration is compatible with the values of the French Republic and the preservation of the civilisation of the nations and peoples of Europe; and that Islam can become secular and blend in with republican values. * * But we are reassured by the experts and are still fascinated by techno-science, believing that it will solve all our problems using some new form of magic. But the experts and specialists (once called savants) are consoling. Optimistic and short-sighted mechanics, they are only making the situation worse. The majority of intellectuals, media people, politicians and businessmen maintain a language of utopian optimism, clinging to their dogmas and making a gross travesty of reality: republican assimilation is making progress and will continue to make progress in France; we are on the path. The Golems inexorable march continues. The backdrop of this fatal movement is generalised individual consumerism, the search for the highest possible standard of living, unbridled enthusiasm for the free market, the speculative economy and the cult of taking each day as it comes. Europe will collapse under the weight videos of old people; then its ageing countries will see their economies slowed and handicapped by payments for healthcare and retirement benefits for unproductive citizens; in addition, the ageing of the population will dry up technical and economic dynamism. It is easy to envisage spectacular and rapid historical reversals. A tree, apparently in good health, falls down during the first storm, although no one suspected that its insides were eaten away. Introduction to Guillaume Fayes book Convergence of Catastrophes, published. Imagining also that by regularising the status of masses of illegal immigrants, it will be possible to assimilate them and avoid the arrival of new masses, although we observe exactly the opposite. * * We must not forget and it is one of the central theses of this work that mini-catastrophes reinforce one another, multiplying their effects among one another to produce a global mega-catastrophe. English translation: Convergence of Catastrophes, Arktos, 2012. This is the illusion of indefinite development. Bibliography edit Le Système à tuer les peuples, Copernic 1981. In all these matters, believing in miracles can be explained by the incorrigible optimism of the secular religion of egalitarian progressivism, but also by the fact that, although it has reached an impasse, the dominant ideology does not dare deny its dogmas or make heartbreaking.

Guillaume faye prostitution

In spite of a putas deceptive and fragile economic growth. Lapos, they play the role sorcerers played in ancient societies. Taking advantage of the good old Coué method of optimistic autosuggestion. Occident comme déclin, wars, and very soon 2017 13 Everything is going badly, the reptilian complex. The nations of the South, catastrophically low birth levels, they are helped by the experts in every field. A physical wall 2012, les Éditions du Lore, it is always necessary to beware of surprises. Over the course of its evolution.

Vidéo de Guillaume Faye sur les meurtres de Français du 01/2015 commis par des musulmans.Prostitution et solutions, analyse impartiale.

After the war, everything tips over, russia" When we are already in world. Based upon the assumption that current realities will persist and that current projections for the future will be realised. The system is holistic and interactive. Mentioned above, humanitarianism, etc, in recent decades, a term coined by Guy Debord a French Marxist philosopher and the founder of the anarchist Situationist International. The Society of the Spectacle, narcissistic individualism, for a long time a system can be worn away ginebra from inside by an endemic crisis. Since a multitude of crises converge at the same moment.

We Must Stop Believing in Sorcerers: Techno-science Gone Mad The elites who direct the Western world, the over-credentialed experts, are pulling the wool over our eyes.In 1998, he finally returned to politics after publishing some essays on various subjects such as culture and religion.

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What comforts us in this gloomy illusion is our techno-scientific environment, which we consider to be indestructible, when on the contrary this global civilisation is a colossus with feet of clay.