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My hope is that the analysis that was done will help clear up these subtleties for others who are struggling with understanding how Swift extensions behave!I started to push new iOS developments with Swift because I realised that in the long run it would save a lot of dev time.In a few days I realised that development was swifter, more comfortable and easier on the eyes than Objective-C.

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default implementation works for the. Got it!, and then some time later get to the actual usage of that perceived understanding only to find out, Woah this is

behaving differently than I expected! Wrapping up The three nuances about Swift extensions that were analyzed here were surprising enough to me to warrant some experimentation. UICollectionView to simplify the register and dequeue of the cells as well. Apples documentation says it, but until I experimented and saw it in action, I didnt catch the nuance around the default access control modifiers applied to extensions. I couldn't create an extension for UIView that added a var. If Apple adds this specific method to String you will never get that method called until you remove Localize-Swift. Blog post, and it shows how use protocols in order to remove boilerplate when it comes to show and identify. However, heres where the second nuance comes in: It absolutely does matter where the extension is defined. UICollectionViewCell s: ReusableCell NSObject extensions, now let's add an extension to the. Default extension access control The final nuance also yielded some semi-surprising results for. If the Type is public or internal, the extensions implementation members will be internal by default. Im in the source file of the Type Im extending. Extensions and visibility into extended Type. Protocols with, generics and, extensions. Protocol associated types (Generics lets introduce another great feature of protocols combined with extensions that was impossible to achieve with Categories, use of associated types in protocols. This ability enables you to use TableViews and other kinds of delegates in a cleaner and intuitive way. Lets dive deep into it: It is possible to list the available languages and set a new current language, after that all the new calls to the localized resource will be translated to the selected language. The struct looks something like this: Now, suppose that I wanted to extend Person and inspect the three nuances about the extensions capabilities and behaviors that I introduced at the beginning of this article.

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I ended up having to subclass UIView. Causes the extension to lose that visibility into the Type its extending. I started to fiddle with Swift as soon as it was publicly released. Youd be writing an extension for Types that you dont have the source. The new functions are visible to the test target which is a different module.

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Looking for a way to use.Swift extensions in a separate file.Using extensions in separate.swift file.

tributaria Can they see things marked private. S not the same but it has equivalent functionality import UIKit class MyView. This behavior actually makes sense, unless you specify otherwise, initframe. When I introduced that first nuance about visibility into the extended Type. Im declaring the extension within Person. Theres no need to write public extension Person. UIView var testValue, frame ckgroundColor eenColor perview and then used it as such override func viewDidLoad ewDidLoad let myRect ame let myNewView. SegueHandler UIViewController extension Now lets see how this connects with our ExampleViewController we will have two segues in the ViewController and we will present them via our protocol. CGRect itframe, myView MyViewframe, swift allows the extension to access private properties and functions. But thankfully my experimentation cleared.

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I recommend giving that one a read to avoid making the same mistake I did!