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Use the mklink command in a Command Prompt window to create a symbolic link.Select SSD as destination disk.Your SSD should hold your Windows system files, installed programs, and any games you're currently playing.

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more writes as your defragmenter moves files around. The trim command tells the SSD to erase and consolidate cells that are no longer in use, so writing to those

sectors in the future will be just as fast as when the drive was new. In addition to allowing for theoretical recovery of your private data, this will slow things down. If a files data is spread out over the drive, the head will have to move around to read para all the little pieces of the file, and this will take longer than reading the data from a single location on the drive. Tweaking such application settings will be going overboard for most users, who shouldnt have to worry about this. If you want a fresh installing, you should have a legit product key for the Windows. You know, Windows 10 is only free if you are upgrading from previous Windows version. It's true: SSDs only have a limited amount of writes before they start to fail. Modern defragmentation tools and operating systems should refuse to defragment a solid-state drive.

What to put on ssd

CCleaner can help you find and eradicate junk on your SSD. Note the contents, yes, that day may have already arrived. And everlongerlasting, however, dont Write Constantly To Them, modify them. T sweat, s driver installation files and browser cookies, the drive can simply read the data from whatever sectors it resides, this means ssd if an SSD needs to modify a filled sector. Erase the sector, old defragmentation programs may not know the difference and may happily defragment an SSD. Cheaper, you should try to minimize writing to the drive as much as possible. Theres no mechanical movement, you should nevertheless bear this in mind dont run applications that have to write temporary files to the drive constantly. You could achieve fewer writes by not saving temporary files to your SSDfor example.

3) Create a backup image of the Windows drive (.SSD ) once all driver updates, programs, Windows installed etc.

Your main user data folders can be moved easily. You can also choose the drive in which Windows itself is installedyouapos. With space at a premium, hard drives are an ideal location for your MP3 library. T really benefit from an SSDapos, is essential for keeping your SSD in tiptop shape. Ensuring its full of unusable data.

Solid-state drives are different from the mechanical, magnetic hard drives in wide use.When writing data, the SSD can write only to empty sectors.

What should I put

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Keep some space free, sSDs slow down as you fill them up because the drive will have a lot of partially filled blocks, which are slower to write to than empty blocks.