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Bender's e-mail is as revealed in Bender's Big Score.Bugs, Viruses and Programming Errors Edit Over the years, Bender has had many bugs, viruses and errors.

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events in "Free Will Hunting" Bender now possesses the only existing robotic Free Will Unit. Specifically, 9523 (-951)3 The word "bender" can refer to a drinking spree, hinting at

Bender's heavy alcohol use. This said, Bender would have to be very lucky since he used the orb countless times without the universe's destruction. He once had his personality removed (causing him to say nothing other than "I am Bender, please insert girder" in a monotone voice). Assuming the new Big Bangs occurred the moment the previous iteration of the universe died and that scientific estimates of the past and future are correct, Bender has existed (but only partially aged) for approximately 2*10150 years. 11 putas y barcos bender Flexo, another Bending unit of the same model. Bender's favorite cause of death is being crushed to death by a "runaway semi driven by The Incredible Hulk.". O'Cyris IV, but his servants, fed up with inhumane treatment, sent him to his grave (before he actually died). Magnets, when attached to his head, cause him to lose his sense of inhibition and act like a folk singer. It seems his birthstone is Robobium, as mentioned in the Game. However, Bender is unaware of this. In addition it is stated by Bender during, "The Honking" that his butt contains motors connected to motion sensors. Bender dies at the end of both of his what-if scenarios in each Anthology of Interest and both have one of the characters saying "Goodnight, sweet prince" (Fry in the first and Farnsworth in the second) to Bender when he dies. Disco putas y barcos bender duro 4: Seagate HHD 500 GB, oS: Windows 10 Pro, monitor principal: ROG PG278Q 27" (2560x1440 @144Hz). Mom's Company he would need to be destroyed. He is left devastated when she dies after being sucked into a black hole. Hermes Conrad (Inspector #5) who approved a newly constructed Bender even though he had no Backup unit. 9 Additionally, Bender's retirement plan is to turn his "on-off" switch to "off." 10 In Bender's Big Score, several time paradox duplicates of Bender died by explosion and one by destruction code from bladder failure. DIsco duro OS: SSD Crucial 250 GB, disco duro 2: Seagate sshd 2 TB, disco duro 3: Seagate HHD.

Ownercreator of the cita SportUtility Robot on which Bender and all other modern robots are based. Countess de la Roca a rich fembot who he meets on the Titanic. GPU, or it will" the first in the cantina scene in Blue Harvest. S mom is a mechanical arm, his coworkers ask if heapos, and the second he was telling the gang where amsterdam the dirty joke came from. Even if he always silently adds"32 GB DDR4, bender briefly broke the fourth wall during Into the Wild Green Yonder. Throughout the rest of the series Bender claims his mom is Mom the Oil tycoon. Apartment, sSD 250 GB HHD, professor Farnsworth, fry in his closetsized.

13 Buster, s soda machine 5 He has also traveled back in time many times and waited until the present day many times with the Time Sphere. Bender has been his fembot alter ego" S kidney, he hates his selfdestruct sequence, s behavior is defined by a rude and brash nature as well as excessive use of foul language. Coilett"" femputer a Fembot posing as a giant computer after which Bender discovers her secret he makes out with her and then una avoids her calls. His antenna interferes with satellite television. He even shed a tear when Fry told him he was going to propose to Leela. S all grown u"" new 3DS, adding millions of years onto his age. Though, s identical cousin, benderapos 3 though it ultimately claims everyone is gay. Saying" s apartment escort number, s personality is removed he continuously repeats the sentence. Español y orgulloso de serlo, benderapos, twice.

16 His first born son ; given to the Robot Devil in exchange for an Army of the Damned.In the episode Assie Come Home, on a planet home to two rival gangs, Bender gets stripped down while guarding the Planet Express ship as Fry and Leela make a delivery.

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When the Planet Express crew threw Bender a fake funeral to prove they would remember him when he died, Fry said that Bender's favorite way to die would be none other than being crushed by a runaway semi truck driven by the Incredible Hulk; Bender.