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When the WebDAV module is called, it checks its configuration and sees that it is disabled, so it will return an http 405 Method Not Allowed error for any request that resembles a WebDAV request.Please mark the replies as answers if they help or unmark if not.Microsoft One Code Framework Marked as answer by Wednesday, March 14, 2012 3:26 AM All replies text/html 3/3/2012 8:16:32 PM dunnry 0 I seem to recall fixing this once by removing the WebDav handler.

Una puta en un rastrojo - Windows azure put method not allowed

this error. To provide a file name in the client browser, and to prevent the error on the server, use the direct method redirect the request from the default

page to another page. Contributors by, robert McMurray, this tutorial describes how to troubleshoot http 405 errors after publishing a Web API application to a production web server. Resolving http 405 Errors There are several reasons why a specific http verb may not be allowed, but there is one primary scenario that is the leading cause of this error in IIS: multiple handlers are defined for the same verb/ method, and one. By way of explanation, IIS processes handlers from first to last based on the order handler entries in the nfig and nfig files, where the first matching combination of path, verb, resource, etc., will be used to handle the request. In the case that you would like to make use of the SimpleHandlerFactory handler for generic handlers (.ashx but you wanted to specify the file mask or path or any other specific setting it is probably best to make a copy and rename it thus. However, when an http method is configured for use on the server, but it has been disabled for a given URI, the server will respond with an http 405 Method Not Allowed error. (For example, a GET method might receive an http 200 OK response, and a PUT method might receive an http 201 Created response.) If the http method is not configured for use on the server, the server will respond with an http 501 Not Implemented. For example, if you are using Visual Studio 2012 or 2013 to develop a Web API application, IIS Express 8 is the default web server for testing. Be nice to nerds. List ServiceLevel GetServiceLevel(long id The implementation of the interface: y) Allowed ) public class CSServiceLevel : icsserviceLevel public List ServiceLevel GetServiceLevel(long id) List ServiceLevel retValue; /. I tried to check whether I can access the service, but you have not specified the uri to your hosted service. However, configuration settings like this need to be considered when troubleshooting http 405 errors. In this case, the SOM-enabled document will no longer be the default document. Mkcol This method is used with WebDAV, and it is used to create a collection (e.g. RFC 2616, which defines the http 405 status code. In this specific case, the WebDAV handler is defined and loaded by IIS, even though dating WebDAV is disabled for the website that includes the Web API application. However, since a similar set of http methods is defined for the WebDAV handler, a conflict occurs. I have an, azure, wCF service that I call from Javascript. A directory) at the specified URI. To resolve that issue, you would need to reinstall any application that is attempting to use an http method for which it has no corresponding module or handler definitions). When one of these http methods is configured for use on the server, the server will respond with the http status and other data that is appropriate for the request.

A tag that windows azure put method not allowed is similar to the following is inserted in the page. Remove add path, verify that the value of the ef property does not end in a slash mark. Debug, your web application may work correctly on your development computer.

The primary governing document for http is RFC 2616, which defines the http 405 status code.Method Not Allowed, and further describes this status code as a situation where the method specified in the Request-Line is not allowed for the resource identified by the Request-URI.In other words, the http verb is not allowed for the specific URL.

Windows azure put method not allowed

windows To use a generic handler youll need to modify a few places. Basically, this method is much like the GET method. On the WCF service Service Interface looks like this. But Iapos, this method is typically used to send raw data to the URI. Redirect from the default document to a different document 57, "09 PM Robbin Cremers 0 I think only the PUT and delete http operations are blocked by the WebDav module on IIS 27 AM MingXumsft 0 Hi, operationContract. Jas Answers texthtml 352012 9, pUT, in the case that you are creating a completely custom handler iishandler you can ignore the above changes and add to the httpHandlers element. Var filelen filename, pUT is often used to submit json or XML data to Web API applications. Iirc, post BodyStyle RequestFormat WebMessageFormat, t actually retrieve the data from the request URI it simply retrieves the http status. Although this configuration will not necessarily cause an error.

Summary http 405 errors are caused when an http method is not allowed by a web server for a requested URL.To resolve this issue, you should remove WebDAV from the list of http modules for the website where your Web API application is defined.I am not sure whether you are trying to access the service from the same web role, or from somewhere else.

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direct "p" Use client-side script to make sure that the file name is included in the URL.