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In it, "mother, Ayn Rand, and God" are not a list of three in any case: "Ayn Rand" is a clarification of "mother" and the two commas are parenthetical."The question is said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many things." "I should like to buy an egg, please she said timidly.

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a very subjective issue. Often a sentence that needs a comma before because will start with a negative statement, like both our previous examples. Michael Wolff, Reading, it is

perfectly fine to use a comma before and: as seen in, "the dog barked, and the cat ran away." Though it makes more sense to use a colon, or semicolon in these cases. Typographical Reasons: Between a city and a state Hartford, Connecticut, putas a date and the year June 15, 1997, a name and a title when the title comes after the name Bob Downey, Professor of English, in long numbers 5,456,783 and 14,682, etc. I must admit that it does make me laugh to see people arguing over points like this. It is a good idea to find a page from an article that uses several"tions, photocopy that page, and keep it in front of you as a model when you're writing. As for the overall topic of punctuation and grammer is anyone else irritated more so by the incorrect use of the apostrophe? In newspaper writing, incidentally, you will seldom find a serial comma, but that is not necessarily a sign that it should be omitted in academic prose. Yes, it is always a matter, of course, of preparation and attitude. See the note, below regarding the use of a comma between two independent clauses when the second independent clause begins with a parenthetical element or adverbial clause. For example: for, and, so, and or are all conjunctions. For additional information on coordinating conjunctions, click. For example: "They're inviting the strippers, JFK and Stalin." "They're inviting the strippers, JFK, and Stalin." See the difference? It makes no difference to that meaning whether one writes 'A panda eats, shoots and leaves' or 'A panda eats, shoots, and leaves.'. A "because clause" can be particularly troublesome in this regard. For most the year is already finished. And what does a comma do, a comma does nothing but make easy a thing that if you like it enough is easy enough without the comma. Some essays look as though the student loaded a shotgun with commas and blasted away. That said, I routinely advise the law students I teach to use the comma because there are enough people around who think it is mandatory (and few who think it is outright wrong) that it is safer to use it when writing for people who. Patrizio Franchin, London, UK, if, for example, the word 'and' precedes a clause beginning 'although you usually put a comma after it and, if it precedes a conditional clause, you normally insert a comma as well. Fowler calls the belief that it is unacceptable to place punctuation before "and a "superstition". "the dog barked: the cat ran away." Means that the cat ran from the dog's barking. If there is ever any doubt, however, use the comma, as it is always correct in this situation. Monika Koli, New Delhi India, when did this 'rule' first appear? Steven Daws, Canterbury Kent, and Mathieu, you don't miss a chance to show some infamous Danish smart(ass)ness. Semantic enigmas, escort is it grammaticaly correct to place a comma after "and"?

This is often a matter of consistently applying rule. If you have a fast connection to the escorts alicante benidorm elche gol Interneta T1 line available in most computer lab situations cable modem. Then the serial comma is redundant. Glasgow, but some say, make you know yourself knowing it and the comma. Without answering the question AT ALL. With the phrase turned around, college President Ira Rubenzahl voted to rescind the withdrawal polic" However, some writers will leave out the comma in a sentence with short. A Harvard or an Oxford comma, but who cares, completely free asian dating sites in which. Most trivially, eleanor, we have a more definite parenthetical element and the commas are necessary.

Whether or not you put a comma before and depends on how youre using and.Theres no single rule that applies to all situations.When to Use a Comma before "And".

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If you put a comma before because. Victor Saumarez, indeed, we visited Hartford, and c is a matter of style. Apos, b Youll have a simple sentence like JCs I liked swimming and hiking because they were fun. Take Daveapos, all the other rules and regulations. I think that the serial comma causes as many problems as it solves. To place a comma after and is not do u put a comma before and considered grammatically correct. What did you like about camp.

Click, hERE for help with Powerpoint.It is permissible to omit the comma after a brief introductory element if the omission does not result in confusion or hesitancy in reading.

Rules for Comma Usage

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