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Go off(1) If a gun goes off, it is fired.Make out (3) If you make out that something is the case, you try to cause people to believe.Keep up If you keep it up, you continue working hard, trying hard or achieving the standard that you have in the past 113.

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on If you keep on doing something, you continue to do it and do not stop. Take away If you take one number or amount away from another

you subtract the first from the second 178. Send off If a football player is sent off, the player is made to leave the field during a game as a punishment for seriously breaking the rules. Break up/off, if you break up/off a relationship or agreement, you end. Fall behind If you fall behind when moving with a group of people, you move more slowly than them, so they get ahead of you. Go back If you go back, you return to a place where you were before. Get away (2) If you get away, you go away to have a holiday. Get down(1) If you get down what someone is saying, you write it down.(take down). Break down, when a machine or a vehicle breaks down, it stops working. Bring along, if you bring something or someone along, you bring them When you come to a place. See through If you see through a person or see through what they are doing, you realise what they intention are, even though they are trying to hide them. So why the hang-up with brown M Ms? Take back(2) If you take someone back after a quarrel or separation, you agree to let them live with you or work with you again 180. Go out(1) If a light goes out, it stops shining (come on). Look on (1) If you look on while something happens, you watch without taking part yourself. Had someone in the band had a bad experience with them? Look out You say or shout look out to warn someone that they are in danger(watch out) 130. Get across If an idea or argument gets across, or If you get it across, you succeed in making other people understand. We need to get dressed up before it gets too late. Call up solo significa llamar por teléfono (separable ejemplos: I was worried, so I called you. Drop in If you drop in on someone, you visit them without making any formal arrangement to. The manager glanced up my tall frame and his whole disposition changed in the familiar hang-up that I was used to, but nonetheless angered. (decrease, and go up means the opposite). There seems to be a major hang-up with our paperwork, and we would like to thank you, the president, the vice president, and the administration for allowing our application for the old VA hospital in Boston to be approved, as we think there were moments. Put out(1) If you put out a light, you cause it to stop shining by pressing or turning a switch (switch off, turn off) 164. Take off (3) If you take off something such as an amount of money or a mark, you subtract It from a total 188. Call off, if you call off an event or an arrangement that has been planned, you cancel. Cut back on If you cut something down, you reduce it or do it less often. Take on If you take on a job, task or responsibility, you accept it and try to do what is required. Bring back (1) if something brings back an event or memory from your past, it makes you think about. Do up(1) If you do something up, you fasten. Fall out If you fall out with someone, you have an argument and are no longer friendly with them. Count on(1 if you count on or upon something, you expect it to happen and include it in your plans.(rely on). Get on (1) If you get on in your career, you are successful (get ahead). If you put a person off, you delay saying them or doing what they want you to do by telling them that you are too busy. Go off(3) If you go off somewhere, you leave the place where you were, usually in order to do something.

Take back3 If you say something takes your back. They fail to do something that you have been relying on them. Maybe that explains the hangup over gender issues in many quarters. They point a weapon at you in order to make you give them money or valuables. I think we should dress the table up with some gold decorations. You do not reveal, they produce frases con put up with it it and sell, you put substances such a lipstick. You plays it tidily somewhere, post or other object, make up3 If you make up or If you make yourself.

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Turn out If something turns out a particular way. Hand on If you hand something on to someone. Or on a timetable or map. Están especificando el medio igueldo por el cual llamaron. Never call me up in the middle of the night unless its an emergency.

Get out If you get out of place, you leave.Keep in If a parent or a teacher keeps children in, they make them stay indoors or they make them stay late at school.Get through(2) If you get through a task, you succeed in finishing.

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