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It has been a week in which the unions set the agenda more determinedly than at any recent Labour conference."Agenda Building as a Comparative Political Process".

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organizations formed by elites, but in either case they will still indirectly benefit the weaker citizen groups, who would have otherwise remained unorganized. The next generation of Black

leaders will need to address agendas more in economic terms than social or political. I am honest, trustworthy, caring, work damn hard and have no political aspirations or agenda. Appointment book, engagement book, organizer, personal organizer, calendar View synonyms Usage Although agenda is the plural of agendum in Latin, in standard modern English it is normally used as a singular noun with a standard plural form (agendas). A agenda b "How Think Tanks Represent Causes and Agendas in Washington,.C. The president, Congress, and the media. Tyab says the student society is not receiving agendas for the board meetings and he wanted to gain insight into the goings on at the development corporation. Politicians both consume the news much how regular citizens by paying more attention the most prominent stories. When he had been Mayor he had proposed that Any Other Business be removed from the meeting agendas. There is a marketplace for competing policies, and interests, and any group may win the arena. Be at the top of/be high on the agenda The plight of poorer countries is high on the WTO's agenda. 6, those closest to the policy process have the biggest control on what issues reach the political agenda. Dearing and Rogers (1996) 13 conducted a study on this and concluded that time lags from what is in the media transferring in the political agenda can take up to a few weeks to several months. It was agreed that this should be put on the agenda for the next meeting. 4, the impact agenda is the increasing requirements for researchers to prove that there are real world impacts from their research. A b c d Boomgaarden, Hajo.; Vliegenthart, Rens.

Put it high on the political agenda

Top of the agenda were plans for the Atlantic League designed to accommodate big clubs from the smaller countries. She has spent her life setting the agenda and seems determined to continue to do so in our time together. They can use their money and power to try to either keep letra or eliminate an issue from the political agenda. The first comprehensive survey of mountain Cloud Forests how has just been published setting the agenda for a program of work to protect them. By setting the agenda and influencing judgments 10 Courts edit When the courts make a decision that changes a previous line of thinking.

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Which should help organize your agendas and allow you to offer your utmost participation. Media coverage has also been linked to the success of the rise of political parties and their ability to get their ideas on the agenda. Although the media does often have an effect on the political agenda 15 More specifically 11 The Mabo decision by the High Court in 1992 which overturned previous laws about establishing native titles is an example of this. British World English agenda agenda noun 1A list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting. The more homogeneous a society. Agendas, how Political Elites Process Information From the News.

A b Edwards, George (1999).I cant even write in my agenda the important upcoming dates in the school year because oh wait, I dont have a schedule.A raft of football-orientated programmes will keep the game top of the agenda throughout the week.

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Set/lay out/establish an agenda Company directors are attempting to lay out an agenda for reducing future financial risks.