Stop Making Wall Holes While Hanging

How to, hang, curtains without Holes- Renter Friendly Window

For curtain tracks you will need to insert the hooks into the low or middle row of pockets so that the heading hides the track.For reference, we used an ultra-slim rod with a diameter.4375 inches.

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putty knife should do the trick, but be aware that houses built before 1978 may contain asbestos in ceiling textures. Check the Width, before you start to gather grab

a tape measure and check the width that the curtain needs. Be sure to position them so that the hooks are all facing away from the center of the bed. Remove the adhesive backing on each ceiling hook (following the manufacturer's directions) and press each one firmly onto the installation marks you made on the ceiling. Now just pop the hooks into the pockets on your chosen row. Allow the area to dry thoroughly. Next, measure the length of your bed and add two inches this will be the length of your curtain rods (again, the extra two inches is to allow the curtains a bit of space to drape against your bed). Pencil Pleat Curtains, if you've never hung pencil pleat curtains before we've made these instructions really detailed to help you, rest assured its common sense rather than rocket science! It's worth considering the position of the hook on the leading edge too. Time for chinas a nice cup of whatever you fancy. My mom thinks Im crazy for wanting them so long, I just love the look! Credit: Trisha Sprouse, step 5, place each rod into the hooks along the sides of the bed. Gathering, take hold of the loose cords at the un-tied end and start to pull them. Are you a fan of puddling curtains too? If you've gone to all the trouble of creating perfect pleats you don't want them all to move if the curtain hangs in mid-air for a while! You can see irlanda how much he cut off here: OUR latest videos, because I wanted the hooks to blend into the molding I decided to paint the back surface of the hook white. . Make any adjustments if necessary and then remove the rods. It's worth gathering the curtain to a few centimetres wider than you actually need so that there's no need to yank each side of the curtain to get them to meet in the middle once they are hung! Try hanging a canopy tent above the bed or in a corner to create an adorable reading nook. If you have a curtain pole attach the final curtain hook between the bracket and the finial and for a curtain track attach it to the fixed glider at the end. All done, sit back and relax.

How to put curtains up with adhesive hooks

Measuring tape, pinch pleat curtains are already pleated for you so they will be hanging and looking lovely in a trice. How to hang curtains without holes using command hooksgreat idea for renters or students who dont want to put holes in the walls. Things Youapos, ll Need, at the Haven blogging conference this summer I talked with the folks from Command about my situation and they offered to send me some command hooks to try outwe werent sure if theyd work but I was willing to give. However, stand back and ensure they are positioned correctly above the bed.

How to put curtains up with adhesive hooks

cuzco Pencil, incidentally I could not have done this with my husbandeven with my ladder I wasnt tall enough to put them. Jumbo Command Hooks and my husband and I got to work. Ladder or stepstool, i used a coupon and gift card from Pottery Barn to help offset the cost of these gorgeous curtains it is SO hard to find affordable curtains with 100 length and yall know Im a huge fan of puddling curtains so shorter. Most people like to tie the curtains off at the leading edge.

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Just make sure you insert the hooks into the pockets rather than onto the cords!