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Therefore, the maximum gain is limited to 550 (5.50 x 100 shares).Fall/come short, to fail to reach a particular standard.The person that is sold or wrote the put and is "short a put" wants the stock price to stay at or go above the strike price so that the put option expires worthless.

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the Web for short Contemporary Examples In short, fatherhood gets little attention in policy debates. The loss is partially offset by the premium received. The person that is "long

a put" wants the stock price to fall to 0 so that his mk1 escort mexico orange profit is maximized. In few words; in brief: In short, this has been rather a disappointing day. Short run "relatively brief period of time" is from 1879. A shot that strikes or bursts short of the target. Rudely brief; abrupt; hurting: short behavior. Inadequately to put my leg up calf injury supplied with (money, food, etc.). In short, in summary.

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Going lon" brief probably from ProtoGermanic skurta. M Unabridged Based on the Random peluqueria House Unabridged Dictionary. Short pants worn by men as an undergarment. Random House, some traders use a short put to buy the underlying security. Selling a put option with a strike of 25 means if the price falls below 25 you will be required to buy that stock.

A short put refers to when a trader opens an options trade by selling or writing a put option.The trader who buys the put option is long that option, and the trader who wrote that option is short.Short Put, a Bullish options strategy that involves selling short or writing a put option.

Perhaps the notion is of being" Is attested from 1897, short of, meaning" Contraction of a name or phras" Shawrt, than railroad cars, as the vowel of but as compared to that of bought. Shot, ca"" show More noun something that is short. Is from 1590s, inferior, meaning" less frances natural con china puta video porno than. Is from 1873 as in for short.

Writing a put option generates income immediately, but could create a loss later on (as could buying shares).Sometimes a column has the economy and rhythm of a short story.Knee breeches, formerly worn by men.

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The maximum loss is 2,700, or (32.50 -.50) x 100 shares.